Labyrinth of Sustain

1/ Raw material

2/ Production technology

3/ Coloring

4/ After live

Sustainability is a widely used but very complex concept. When is something really sustainable? In the Labyrinth of Sustainability installation at Dutch Design Week, visitors are challenged to take steps themselves to design a t-shirt that is as sustainable as possible. But where one step in the process may be very sustainable, another might not be. The most sustainable raw material may exclude the most sustainable production method! How do you come to a truly sustainable T-shirt?

On this website you will find the four steps that are part of the labyrinth (Raw Material, Production Technology, Coloring and After Live).

If you visit the labyrinth at DDW you will see examples projects of contemporary Dutch designers doing research at ArtEZ Future Makers. There is work on display by, among others, Tjeerd Veenhoven, Charlotte van Alem and Aliki van der Kruijs. Labyrinth of Sustainability lets the visitor experience the complexity of sustainable design.

Future Makers ArtEZ University of the ARts

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